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What do clients of Cenas Barcelona say on Google?

4’9 out of 5 ★ in 224 reviews

by Cristina Cruz on Cenas Barcelona

Cristina Cruz   Cristina Cruz

Very good organization and communication at all times. Everything went great.

by Mariano Parrot on Cenas Barcelona

Mariano Parrot   Mariano Parrot

Excellent event organizer. We chose Cenas Barcelona for our anniversary and it was a lovely evening. Thankful to Eric for his close treatment and for being on top of all the details!

by Inmaculada Pereira Garcia on Cenas Barcelona

Inmaculada Pereira garcia   Inmaculada Pereira Garcia

Hey, great. The music is very nice, the food is very good, the waiters are very attentive, the people are very nice. I recommend the place, the lunch and dinner with a lot of very nice food. Thank you for the service you give to the people. Thank you.

by Raquel Fraga on Cenas Barcelona

Raquel Fraga   Raquel Fraga

Great deal. We'll definitely be back.

by Angela Ruiz on Cenas Barcelona

Angela Ruiz   Angela Ruiz

We really liked the place, it's great for group dinners. The best thing, Eric's treatment, in a short time helped us find the perfect place for my friend's bachelorette party. Thank you!

by Daniel Segura Biescas on Cenas Barcelona

Daniel Segura Biescas   Daniel Segura Biescas

From the moment I contacted them everything was shot, Eric made all the options very easy for me and managed the reservation perfectly. It was a great night thanks to Barcelona dinners for making it possible.

by Zaida Castro on Cenas Barcelona

Zaida Castro   Zaida Castro

On 29/02/2020 they threw me a surprise party for my 30th birthday and it was all great, the staff very friendly and attentive to everything, and the food very tasty!

by Antonio Andreu on Cenas Barcelona

Antonio andreu   Antonio Andreu

I recommend 100 x 100! Everything was very easy thanks to Eric who was in charge of organizing everything and solving doubts as it was a group of 31 people, no doubt I will repeat another time, a ten!

by Efecto Trading on Cenas Barcelona

Efecto Trading   Efecto Trading

A super well set restaurant with excellent dishes. We had a great time at Carnival!

by Reina Garcia on Cenas Barcelona

Reina Garcia   Reina Garcia

Specialized attention! A 10!