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Entertainment activities before going out to dinner

You organize a single party or a birthday party, and you want to do something in the morning or afternoon before you go out to dinner? We present a series of fun leisure activities for you to do with your group, all with the collaboration of professional companies.

Actividades de ocio en Cenas Barcelona
Actividades de ocio en Cenas Barcelona
Actividades de ocio en Cenas Barcelona

All these activities are carried out by expert companies, each one in its own activity. We work side by side with the maximum responsible person, thus guaranteeing that the activity is carried out, and what is announced here is successfully fulfilled. All prices are for the activity only, without the dinner added.

Tuppersex (15€ p.p.)

📍 Address: Any location, you choose.
🕒 Duration: 1 hour approximately.

It is a privilege to have Ana G. responsible for the SexShop at Sala Bagdad (the room considered the paradise of sex), to make the best and most fun tuppersex meetings. She is also an expert in female ejaculation.

What does it include? This woman comes with a suitcase with more than 50 products wherever you tell her. Among her objects, she has two jewels: Nacho Vidal’s replica and the so known Satisfyer. She will explain you the products, techniques, and advices, without obligation of minimum purchase, although she will put you all the facilities to acquire some if you are interested in it so much in that precise moment, as that it arrives to you at home with total discretion.

Yellow humour Sitges (25€ p.p.)

📍 Address: Camí Mas d’en Puig (Sitges)
🕒 Duration: 2 hours approximately.

The best outdoor fun! We present you the Yellow humour Sitges. A competition between two teams of the same group, to see who is the strongest, the fastest, or the best strategist. The objective is very clear: to destroy your rival.

What does it include? We start the activity at a time of your choice: 10:00h / 12:00h / 14:00h / 16:00h. You will perform a series of tests such as: Sumo wrestling, catwalk and trenching, human bowling, pedal go-kart race, 50m inflatable American track, American military track, and the ball jumper. Also in winter (waterless events, November to April): The Eliminator, Inflatable Gladiator Fighting, Hands on Demand. In summer (water tests, May to October): The Cubes, The Rollers, Gladiator Fighting, The Hamburgers, Bazinga. Includes instructor, helmets and the rest of the material. Option to stay for a barbecue menu with an open bar of drinks (+16 euros per person): Chicken, Pork ribs, Butifarra, Entrama, Chorizo, Potato al caliu. And drinks: Soft drinks, beer, egg whites, wine, summer red, sangria and water.

How are these activities booked?

Very important: all these activities are contracted out to companies outside Cenas Barcelona. That is why each one has its own protocol to formalize the reservation: some companies require full payment 100% in advance, others require a deposit where that amount is deducted from the total price of the activity, and others facilitate the possibility of paying everything in full on the day of the event.

This is why all responsibility for the activity falls exclusively on the company to which the service is contracted. Cenas Barcelona is not responsible for payments, operation of the activity, and / or cancellations for important reasons. 

To put an example: If a group wants to carry out an activity of Paintball and it asks for information to Dinners Barcelona, they will be facilitated the information of in what the activity consists, how it is reserved and how it is paid. If by some chance that day it rains and the activity cannot be carried out for security reasons and being an outdoor activity, it is the Paintball company the responsible for the cancellation, and they are their own conditions that will show if the amounts, payments and signals are returned or not, or the date is postponed.

These activities can be done with or without dinner

All the prices indicated in are the prices per person to carry out the activity without including any dinner or restaurant theme, they are totally independent activities.

For a series of specific activities, there may be promotions on the rest of the website where you can combine activity and dinner by applying a small discount. Therefore, the price of the activity can be somewhat reduced in such cases.

To give an example: Hiring an activity of tuppersex only, has a price of 15€ per person. A dinner at the restaurant Verne Barcelona only, has a price of 30€ per person. Well, in a section of the web, we offer the possibility of doing “Dinner with TUPPERSEX” for a price of 40€  per person (instead of 15+30=45€). There are only some discounts in some activities, not in all of them, and what is done is that the price of the activity is reduced. The price of the dinner is not altered at all.

In the case of the packs, the same conditions are maintained. That is, the company of the activity is responsible for the activity, and the restaurant is only responsible for its own dinner. Each one has its own conditions and independent booking methodology.

What are the advantages of booking a pack?

Well, we will know how to advise you the best timetables and the most suitable restaurants to go to after the activity. We have several years of experience and we specialize, among other events, in birthdays and bachelorette parties.

We work with really professional, very responsible companies, and until today everything has been good words and excellent experiences. So we encourage you to get in touch with us and together we will make sure you have a very good and complete day.