Who are we?

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Who are we?

Well, we’re people like you. A team of enterprising boys and girls from the city of Barcelona, who were interested in finding the best menus for groups who want to go out for dinner.

For more than 7 years we have dedicated ourselves to the nightlife sector from different sectors: Public Relations of discotheques, limousine rental, hiring of leisure personnel for small shows… but we lacked one thing, where to go for dinner?

That’s why from Cenas Barcelona we want to offer you the most economical places to go 8, 10, 20, 30 people … no minimum or maximum in terms of number of people, but you have the most profitable option with a good amount of food, because the important thing when going to dinner is to be very well satisfied. What if the place is also beautiful?

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How do we work?

We started a few years ago by contacting a few restaurants, and as the number of requests has increased we have wanted to expand with new locations and menus for groups.

The procedure is very simple: Each restaurant commits to having a minimum number of tables only for Cenas Barcelona reservations. In addition, they offer us some menus and/or special conditions that they do not offer to their own clients, with a lower price than normal (logically, if not, we would not be interested in promoting them). Therefore, Cenas Barcelona has reserved locations, exclusive menus, and discounts applied.

Payment for the menu is always made in full to the restaurant. We have 3 types of restaurants because of their methodology: Some that charge for the menu in the restaurant itself as usual, other restaurants that need a small payment and signal to block a table for so much capacity, and others that require 100% payment in advance if the circumstances of the event require it. You will see, we will inform you about everything in detail.