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Organize your dinner in Barcelona

Are you looking for an original restaurant in Barcelona to a date? Or are you organizing a dinner for a group? If want to meet excellent alternatives, that’s is exactly we offer to you in Cenas Barcelona. The opportunity to visit our beautiful restaurants in the city. Original restaurants the high gastronomy that complemented with a beautiful decoration for giving you a splendid atmosphere, enjoying experiencing unique have an amazing night.

There is nothing like having a good moment in the company of people you appreciate, besides add the fact have a splendid dinner and restaurant in their categories, your experience can be unforgettable like those moments go to be, remembered and will be commented about for many days.

We have restaurants for groups with unique and originals places, for have a dinner with a complete menu and a wide range of possibilities and additional alternatives, like for example complementing the night in a one limousine, besides actors, activities and clubs for offer to you like this a big night.

Where to dinner in Barcelona? Choose the restaurant

Your objective is clear: to spend a wonderful evening in the company of a group of friends, family, colleagues or former high school students. Such a gathering deserves something different, something special; therefore, the best thing you can do is leave everything in our hands. We will find the best restaurant for you.

Meetings in any location and with any menu are a long way off. That is now a thing of the past. Now what you want is to eat well, tasty menus hearty dishes that your companions and you, leave totally satisfied. Therefore, we will provide you with some options that match the type of night you are looking for.

We look for you the best menus, full choices of unique and different dishes; in most cases, thought exclusively for those clients who book through us. And one of the advantages you will have is that all our menus include exclusively the fact of having an open bar of drinks during dinner, something that is not offered to the rest of the clients.

Original and fun restaurants in Barcelona for groups

A special dinner in an unforgettable place, that’s what we’ll get for you and yours. We not only talk about tasting an incredible meal, but we also highlight the place where you will spend the pleasant evening.

The options are very varied: from eating in a restaurant set to perfection in Jules Verne’s Nautilus and its “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, with a decoration that recreates the submarine and all kinds of marine details; to dining as if you were in a garden full of fantasy with lights and colours wherever you look.

You are the one who puts your imagination, tell us what do you want and we can will find it for you, so that you will have a great dinner. The proposal could not be better.

The best meats, the freshest fish, cheese boards that make your mouth water, all kinds of drinks and desserts that mix the classic with the modern. You tell us your tastes and we will find the restaurant that we can offers them to you. It’s too easy.

Everything is too easy and simple with Cenas Barcelona

As you can see, Cenas Barcelona is something very different from anything you have ever known before and we bet you, will be eager to get in touch with us and book your dream dinner for that preciated group of people for you right? An appetizing dinner in a magical place. Don’t waste another second and contact us. You won’t regret it.

The process is very simple. Besides, every restaurant we have told you about has certain tables reserved for us with exclusive offers for you; as if that were not enough, you don’t have to pay us; it is always done at the restaurant, as agree with them.

And if we talk about night, we will know how to advise you with the best bars and clubs, where you can continue the party.

Are welcome to a great experience! and you only have to think, about fun and enjoy as one more. We can assure you, us go comply to your expectations and more.